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Responsive Design Driven Development

Responsive Design Driven Development

John Gerald Horne

Gerry Horne has practiced as a principal since 1976, specializing in architecture, construction management and technical consulting.

Gerry has designed and built a wide range of public and private projects, developing a range of practical and aesthetic solutions to client needs.  He has also pioneered StepOne with Randy Johnson to provide services related to facilities management for public clients. 

His work is characterized by the effort to approach each problem in its own terms, in a “situation specific” manner.  Use of artfulness, optimism and traditional “readability”, are combined with research into new methods, special project organizations, and collaborations with clients in the interest of better solutions, as appropriate.

Gerry has served as the Director of Community Facilities of the Boston Model City Administration for five years.  During this time Gerry gained an “owner’s perspective” of the process of managing the services of design profssionals and contractors.

Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson has been Project Manager or Project Architect for contracts with the US Postal Service, the Mass. Division of Capital Planning and Operations, the Mass. Executive Office of Communities and Development, and various municipal and private clients.  He has provided architectural services for over 30 public bid projects.

Randy brings to each project a thorough understanding of architectural and engineering practices and problem solving.  Project sizes have ranged from small interir design contracts to new construction projects exceeding eight million dollars.  His experience in facility modernization has included work with historic review boards, and preservation design work on buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Properties.

As Chairman of Natick’s Land and Facility Management Committee, Randy has contributed professional service to environmental and recreational planning concerns.  His input, including a rendering of a park improvement project, helped secure a $100,000  grant for the town of Natick, MA.  Randy serves on the Natick Conservation Commission and has written a column on environmental issues for a local newspaper.